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Mon 13/8/18 : Start your week right at Canberra Gym

By Scotty 0

How you start your Monday will certainly play a part in how your week roles out!

If you are hating getting up and getting going on a Monday (or any day), I promise you that day will be a drag. If you do suffer from this then there is a fair chance you are in the wrong job!

Just sayin…

Warm up
500m row
then 2 rounds
10 KBS
5ea side cossack squats 12/8kg

Lifting : Strict Press
On the min for 9 mins
Min 1: 5 @ 75%
Min 2: 3 @ 80%
MIn 3: 1 @ 85%

Cond: 21/15/9
Front Squat 60/40kg (bar from ground)
Lateral Burpees over bar

Accessory Strength (if time)
3 x 8 ea leg bulgarian split squats 45/35kg
3 x Max set ring dips (adv ring MU)

author: Scotty


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