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Mon 11/2 : Have Fun Canberra

By Scotty 0

If you are not having fun, you are doing it wrong!

Warm Up (5-15 mins):
With an empty barbell or broomstick:
10 x Air Squat with pause in bottom
10 x Good Mornings
10 x Snatch Grip Deadlifts
5 x Snatch Pull (shoulders only)
5 x Muscle Snatch
5 x Overhead Squat with pause in bottom
5 x Power Snatch
5 x Hang Power Snatch + Overhead Squat
5 x Hang Squat Snatch
5 x Snatch Grip Push Press + Overhead Squat
5 x Snatch Balance

Strength/ Skill (15-30 mins):
5 sets:
2 Snatch Pulls + 2 Hang Snatch + 2 Snatch Balance

WOD (30-50mins)
For time:
30 Power Snatches (42.5/30kg)
20 Burpees over Bar
30 Front Rack Lunges (42.5/30kg)
20 Burpees Over Bar
30 Hang Clean & Jerk (42.5/30kg)
20 Burpees Over Bar
30 Front Squats (42.5/30kg)

Time cap: 20 mins

Scaling Options:
Barbell movements: reduce weight (same across all movements)
Burpee: kickback burpee (no push-up), step down/ step up burpee, remove jump over bar (regular burpees)

author: Scotty


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