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Mixed Modality Training Times

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Metcon (No Measure)

Mixed Modal training works so well for a multitude of reasons.

A few of those are that when you constantly use the same movement pattern time and time again you will quickly become neurologically fatigued in that specific movement. Therefore it becomes less effective. Many people today are striving for “constantly varied” or “muscle confusion” with exercise, but they have no idea why they are doing it. By not knowing why you are doing something, it makes it very difficult to measure and adjust the variables associated with that activity to achieve optimal results.

The reason your body does well with variety is that consistently placing the same stress on it over and over fatigues the nervous system and the tissues. Then the progress stops and if the athlete continues, injury usually eventually follows, which forces the athlete to take a break and find alternative movement patterns. Then once they return to their primary chosen movement patterns they feel renewed and set PR’s. Why do you or any athlete have to go through that process?

There are so many good ways to vary the stress that there is no need to pigeon hole yourself into just a few and be open and exploring new movement patterns WHILE YOU ARE HEALTHY you will avoid the work, stall, injury loop.

Mixing up the training and the movements are a great way to continue to progress your training and body.

Warm-up (No Measure)

(5-10 mins):

2 rounds:

200m jog @ easy pace

10 x Single Leg Deadlifts (5 per leg, use empty barbell or no weight)

10 x Kipping Swings

20m Bear Crawl (10m out and back, focusing on straight legs and using your upper body to push/pull along)

Then working with coaches 5 – 10 mins on tech and building load;

3 rounds:

5 x Deadlifts (increase weight each round)

4 x Burpees over Bar

3 x T2B or scaling equivalent

Metcon (Time)

(15-50 mins):

10 rounds for time:

Run 200m

10 Deadlifts 85/60kg

10 Burpees over Bar

10 Toes-to-Bar

Time cap: 40 minutes

Scaling Options:

Run: reduce distance, row 250/200m or Assault Bike 12/10 cals

Deadlift: reduce weight

Burpee over Bar: kickback burpee, regular burpee (no jump over bar), step down/step up burpee

T2B: reduce reps,T2B attempts, hanging knee raises, V-ups

**Coaches Notes**

explain smart scaling options

Beg/Int : less than 3 months training to reduce work to 7 – 8 rounds & def reduce the load of the deads
We are going with a nice long grinder today

10 rounds: 200m run, 10 deadlifts, 10 burpees over bar, 10 T2B

You will need to pace this one intelligently

Start a little slower than you think you need to, you can always speed up if it feels too easy

Choose a deadlift weight where you think you can do unbroken reps for the majority of the workout

Burpees can be bar facing or lateral burpees depending on floor space (coaches decision)

Scale T2B reps if needed, you should be able to complete your set in 30-45 sec at most per round

author: Scotty


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