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Intent in Training

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CrossFit SFS – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

“5min AMRAP”

10 Gooblet Squat


10 Kip Swings

10 Mountain Climbers


Build to openeing weight for Front squat

Front Squat (4 x 7)

Coaches Timing: 15 – 30 mins

Today we are starting with front squats, and again we are recommending that you work between 70-75% of your 1rm for these sets (try to run the same weights for all 4 sets if possible)

– Focus on keeping your elbows high, your torso tall and your knees tracking out over your toes

– The priority here is moving well, so if you have to reduce the load to do that then please do.

Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)




Wall Balls @9/6kg

Deadlift @100/65kg (no more than 75% 1rm)

rest 2:00


10 Power Snatch @45/35kg

10 TTB

Scaling Options:

WB: Reduce load or height of target

Deads: reduce load, elevate Bar, Sumo stance

Power snatch: reduce load, use a DB

TTB: reduce volume or drop to hanging knee raise, V snaps

**Ok here is where we talk about intent!! What we want is for you to hit a chunk of reps unbroken

Don’t go up for TTB if you can only DO 2!! Same, if 100/65kg is heavy for the dead and you are doing singles or 2’s in the first 2-3 mins. It defeats the purpose and it actually won’t help you improve as an athlete!!

Goal: grip strength / posterior chain capacity / BB & TTB capacity (grip)
Today we are hitting a double amrap each one being 7 minutes with 2:00 rest bt

– the first is a combo of wall balls and deadlifts which is sure to light the posterior chain on fire, each complete round will see the reps increase by 5, don’t get baited early on by the small sets, it will get tough fast.

– after 7 min you’ll have until 9 to rest, then we’ll be moving into a Snatch/TTB amrap, here’s where we want to work on holding our set sizes, neither is a large number of reps but the grip doesn’t really get a break, so if you need to break have a plan and try to stick to it.

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