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‘Hustle 45’ coming to Canberra Gym

By Scotty 0

Monday 20th April will be the first sighting of the ‘Hustle 45’ high intensity fitness program in Canberra to be held within the NEW space of CrossFit SFS, Hume, Canberra.

Stay tuned as it is set to launch at multiple locations across Canberra in the coming months!

Don’t you want to learn how to ‘Hustle’?

First session Mon 12.15 (indoors ) @ CrossFit SFS in Hume (don’t worry it is isn’t CrossFit).

What is it you ask??

‘Hustle 45’
High intensity interval training, tabata styled programming, combining a whole body strength & conditioning piece designed to give participants maximum calorie burn.

No entry level of fitness, no weightlifting skills required.

The beauty of it is that it will be different every time you come in to train, just be ready to burn maximum calories!!!

Our motto here is : FRIENDS | FAMILY | COMMUNITY, but we have added a new one with – FUNCTIONAL | FAST | FUN

No matter your skill level or background anyone can do our Hustle 45 fitness sessions at our fitness facility in Canberra!

Also stay tuned as we will be taking it outdoors as well to Barton Tuesday lunch times starting the 4th April..

For more information jump over to our contact us page and shoot us a message.

We look forward to seeing you guys next Monday!!

Get ready to burn baby burn with this tabata style training session!!




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