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Home/Travel Workout 27 from crossfitsfs canberra

By Scotty 1

Obviously this is set for an outdoor workout guys, if you can’t get out then maybe look at buying a skipping rope so we can add some other elements to the indoor sessions.

If you have a rope then sub the 1.6km with 4mins skipping.

Home WOD 27

run 1.6km
every min stop and perfom

10 Incline push ups on bench
10 step up (5 ea leg)
10 tricep dips

2 rounds for time
*scale to one round if just starting out
**scale distance as required

author: Scotty

Jack T

Done! Except I only looked at the picture, so only did one round … ?. Run time 6:44. 4:11/km. I did however finish it off with 50 sets of box jumps up 4 double height sets. Cheers!

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