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Home WOD : Tues 7/1/20

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CrossFit SFS – CrossFit

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Warm up

200m run

10 alt toe touches

10 lunges

10 push ups


12 Min AMRAP

(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 12 Min)

40 Mountain Climbers

20 Alternating Bodyweight Lunges

5 Deadlifts

RX Men: 85 – 102kg

RX Women: 55 – 75kg

DB’s are also an option if no bar

If you are a super beast you can go heavier. Choose a weight that you are confident you can move WELL with for unbroken sets of 5.

What a way to light up the booty on a Tuesday!!

Score: Total Number of Completed Rounds + Any Additional Reps

Goal: 7 Rounds +


**If you are unable to keep a good back position with your weight – LOWER IT.

Well then – this is one way to force Butts and Guts. The main focus for this one will be to keep a steady pace on the lunges and keep a GOOD position on the deadlifts. There won’t really be any reason you HAVE to stop – so find a pace and hold it!

When executing the mountain climbers, its easy to knock out a lot of reps really quick, but be sure to focus on keeping the shoulders back and tight and arms locked, while maintaining a straight back and tight belly! Bring one knee to your chest and place that leg back to the starting position before bringing the other knee to your chest.

If lunges are causing issues, feel free to sub step ups to a box, step or bench.

For the deadlifts the bar will start on the ground. The feet are under the hips. Heels are down. Hips and knees are bent. Arms are straight. Chest is up. Belly tight. Back flat! Hands just outside the legs To lift drive the heels into the ground and lift the chest. Keep the arms straight as you pull the bar in close to the body. Keep the arms long.

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