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Friday SFS

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CrossFit SFS – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

(5-15 mins):

2 rounds:

15-30 x Double Unders or 30-50 x Single Skips

10 x Inchworm Push-ups

10 x Sit-ups

10 x Good Mornings with an empty barbell

10 x Strict Press with an empty barbell


Warm up to opening set of Push Press

Push Press (build to 5)

Build up to a heavy set of 5 for the day but make all 5 sets challenging

Focus on a vertical dip/drive each rep

To best set yourself up for a vertical dip drive, sit back on your heels and dip your knees away from one another (similar to when you squat) to help sink your torso straight down and keep your weight balanced

As you drive the bar off of your shoulders, drive your head through and under a bar as quickly as you are able to help straighten the bar path

Metcon (Time)

(35-50 mins):

For total time:

Buy in: 50 Sit-ups

5 rounds:

12 Deadlifts (100/70kg)

12 Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead (22.5/15kg)

Cash out: 50 Sit-ups

Time cap: 15 minutes

Scaling Options:

Sit-ups: reduce reps, hanging knee raises, plank hold (60-90 sec)

Deadlift: reduce weight

DB Shoulder to Overhead: reduce weight, single arm DB S2O (6 per arm)
Today’s workout is a sandwich and has a buy in and buy out of 50 sit-ups

Start with 50 sit-ups before commencing the 5 rounds, and complete another 50 sit-ups after your 5 rounds

The 5 rounds should be very high intensity

Choose weights where you know you can do at least 2 rounds unbroken for each exercise

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