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Friday 21/10/16 – Corporate Fitness, Sporting Teams Canberra

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For all your corporate fitness or sporting team pre season fitness needs in Canberra, then look no further than CrossFit SFS Canberra.

We have a host different coaches from multiple CrossFit Games Regional athletes, to National Weightlifting Champions and Business Coaches.

Hit us up and we would love to help you out with any corporate fitness or Sporting Team.

Check the videos below from a few recent sessions with one of our corporate companies and sporting teams:

CrossFit SFS session:

Warm Up
Tabata band pull aparts with controlled form
Tabata banded belt walk

SKILL Р8 mins
light skills and drills for squat cleans and jerks
talk to coach for options, pick & choose your weakest link

Every 5mins increase weight
EMOM in each 5mins perform 5 thrusters

0-5mins 5 thrusters @ 25/15kg (RX+ @ 35/25)
5-10mins 5 thrusters @ 35/25kg (RX+ @ 40/30kg)
10-15mins 5 thrusters @ 40/30kg (RX+ @ 50/35kg)
15-20mins 5 thrusters @ 50/35kg (RX+ @ 60/40kg)
20-25mins 5 thrusters @ 60/40kg (RX+ @ 70/45kg)
25-30mins 5 thrusters @ 70kg/45kg (RX+ @ 80/50kg)

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