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Friday 14/08/15

By Scotty 0

Summer is Coming!!! Time to get in Shape here in Canberra!! Two weeks FREE trial @ CrossFit SFS, Hume, ACT

SKILL (12mins)
EMOM for 6mins
Pick a number of HSPU
Straight into
EMOM 6mins
Pick a number of toes to bar

Novice- HSPU Strict and to a box/T2B just practise the kip
Intermediate- scale height of plate/ab mat, may kip/ knees to elbow
Advanced- KIPPING or STRICT HSPU and toes to bar

STRENGTH (12mins)
Back Squat (looking for 3RM)
3, 3, 3, 3

AMRAP 15mins
50 wall ball 9/6kg
ring dips
150 double unders
40 wall ball
ring dips
125 double unders
30 wall ball
ring dips
100 double unders
20 wall ball
ring dips
75 double unders
10 wall ball
ring dips
50 double unders

Ring dips remain constant
Novice- 8 strict with band
Intermediate- 10 reps
Advanced- 15 reps

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