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Fri 9/2/18 : The Open Friday Night Lights at Canberra Gym

By Scotty 0

For all those that are doing The Open, we will be running multiple times for you to get it done.

This year we will be doing “Friday Night Lights”, we would love for you to come out and have some fun and hit the Open WOD, if you would rather wait till Saturday that is fine, but would love you to come and cheer us on!!

We will run the 5 weeks of The Open on the Saturday, so no more pairs/team WOD’s for a few weeks sorry and then we will redo any people either Monday or Tues that need to still do/redo the WOD.

Also anyone travelling or not affiliates, you can do The CrossFit Open here for FREE for the 5 weeks..

Would love for as many as possible to register it is a great way to test yourself, and you will be surprised with just how hard you can go!! You will be doing the workout anyway!!

CrossFit SFS workout of the day :

Warm up
2 rounds
1 min bike/row/run
20 sec hollow hold
20 sec side plank hold L (on hand)
20 sec back support hold
20 sec side plank hold R (on hand)
lifting warm up with coach

Lifting : 6 mins EMOM
5 Back Squat @ 75%

Gymnastics : 6 min EMOM
6-10 HS push (upscale to deficit or strict if efficient)

18 box jumps overs
15/12 cals assult
max power cleans 60/40kg

rest 3 mins
18 box jumps overs
15/12 cals rower
max power cleans 70/45kg

rest 3 mins
18 box jumps overs
15/12 burpees
max power cleans 80/50kg

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