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Fri 30/11 : Canberra Gym = Family

By Scotty 0

We are just one big happy family here at CrossFit SFS, Canberra.

FREE creche for your kids when you join us at SFS.

SFS Workout of the Day

Warm Up (5-15 mins):
3 rounds of:
60 sec row or bike
12 x Band Pull Aparts
6 x Inchworms (no push-up)
3 x Wall Climbs or 12 x Shoulder Taps (in push-up position)

Strength/ Skill (15-30 mins):
4 rounds:
10 x Single Arm DB Press
10 x Single Arm DB Bent Over Row

Perform 10 reps of press on each arm before moving onto the DB row each set

WOD (30-50 mins):
5 rounds for time:
50 Double Unders
25 Sit-Ups

Rx+: GHD sit-ups, Deficit/Parallette HSPU

Time cap: 20 mins

Scaling Options:
Double unders: reduce reps to 40/30/20 per round (aim to complete inside a minute) or do single skips (100 reps)
Sit-ups: anchor feet if needed
HSPU: reduce reps per round to 5, reduce ROM (abmat), box pike HSPU, seated DB press

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