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Fri 3/5 : Strive 45 (HIIT type) classes with a twist in Canberra

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If you are looking for that HIIT program in Canberra with a twist, then here within the walls of CrossFit SFS, Hume, we have the class for you!

Our blended class, Strive 45 is the perfect mix of – strength, lifting, conditioning, skills, mobility, low intensity movement mechanics

So while fitness marketing would have you believe that HIIT training is the way to go in 2019, it’s important to realise that movement integrity is vital, unfortunately missed in most HIIT structures.

Classes that are teaching set movement patterns (taking the time to learn how to move your body safely, skill work, specific strength training, mobility are vital, especially for longevity of your body. As a general rule of thumb, try to keep HIIT only sessions to no more than two to three per week.

CrossFit SFS workout of the Day

Warm Up (5-15 mins):
2 rounds:
60 sec on a machine of your choice
30 sec hollow body hold on floor
20 sec active hang from Pull-up bar in hollow
10 Superman Arch Ups on floor


2 rounds:
3-5 Strict Pull-Ups or Ring Rows
10-20 sec Ring Support Hold or Top of Push-up Hold
10 Kipping Swings on Pull-up Bar or 5 x Kipping Hip Pop to Bar Drill

Strength/ Skill (15-35 mins):
Strict Weighted C2B Pull-up
3 x 5

Strict Weighted Ring Dip
3 x 5

Strict Muscle Up (seated in band if required)*
3 x 2-5 reps

WOD (40-55 mins):
3 x AMRAP 3 minutes:
Row 500/400m
Max reps Bar Muscle Ups

Rest 3 minutes between each round

Scaling Options:
Row: Assault Bike 30/20 cals
Bar Muscle Up: banded bar muscle up, jumping bar muscle up, Strict pull-up, Strict banded pull-up, ring row

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