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Fri 29/6/18 : Canberra Gym doing Charity work

By Scotty 0

Over the lat ten years I have been in Canberra, I have always been actively doing charity work, having raised and donated over $120,000

I have not done alot the last two years, but I have one up and running with Anglicare, and am preparing to set up a few other charity events again, so stay tuned and be sure to jump board.

  1. We have teamed up with Anglicare, and over the next few weeks we would love for any non perishable food items you may have to bought in and placed in the box in the gym for those less fortunate than us! See poster
  2. 24 hour ski/row for Charity – stay tuned for a massive event coming up here at CrossFit SFS & we would love as many people as possible in Canberra to come and join in and support our crazy idea

CrossFit SFS workout of the day

Warm up – continuous for 7 mins
100m row
5 from seated box jumps
7 supa mans
9 ab mat sit ups

Gymnastics : 10 mins split between HSPU & TTB work
Nothing set just work on skills & drills
Ground Pike PU
Box Pike
Strict HS on wall
Kipping HS on wall

Hang knee to chest
Hang knee to chest (ball up)
Straight leg kip
Kip to ball

Lifting – Deads
aim is to go around 5kg heavier than last week
*if not here last week then last set at around 80%
3 x 3 clean pulls @ 90%

Cond – 15 min EMOM
Min 1 : 18/15 box jumps
Min 2 : 18/15 cals row
Min 3 : 5 MU or 5 strict pull up + 5 strict ring dips (weighted if possible)


author: Scotty


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