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Thurs 23/11/17 – Mindset after Competing

By Scotty 0

I am not sure what happens to your mindset after you do your first ever comp of your chosen sport. but once you cross the line and do it your life will change forever.

I always tell my guys here at CrossFit SFS & Strive Weightlifting to just jump in and do their first comp, you scale everything to suit you.

The thrill (or nerves) and feeling of competing seems to flick a switch in people and it is here that they make the biggest changes to their overall health and well being.

People start to change the way they eat, the way they train, the excuses seem to disappear and then they really start to see the results roll in.. SO DO IT, find a comp and just throw yourself in and have a go!

Strength – 6 min EMOM TEMPO OHS 1311
3 rep OHS 55/40kg
*goal is heavier than last week
Cond: 15/12/9/6/3
Push Press
cals row
Hang Power Clean
15’s – 50/35kg
12’s – 60/40kg
9’s – 70/45kg
6’s – 80/50kg
3’s – 90/55kg
*scale accordingly

author: Scotty


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