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Fri 23/11 : Canberra Community Gym

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Here at CrossFit SFS, we don’t care if you can lift 150kg or 5kg, we are all an all inclusive gym here in Canberra.

Come on out and check it out anytime, with a host of class options from Strive 45 HIIT classes, CrossFit, gymnastics, Weightlifting, oh and we have a creche for the kids six days a week!

Don’t forget we have a Weightlifting Comp on here from 11am on Saturday, come on out and check it all out at CrossFit SFS, Strive Weightlifting.
SFS Workout of the Day
Warm up
Empty Bar Bench Press
Empty Bar Bent Over Row
Kipping Swing
Abmat Sit-up

Strength/ Skill (15-35 mins):
Bench Press
5 x 3
Weighted Pull-up or Strict Pull-up
5 x 6

Super set the two movements

Upper body strength work to start our session
Make sure you are using a spotter for bench press
The 6 pull-ups need to be unbroken, if you can, add weight, if not, go strict. If you can’t do 6 strict pull-ups, do strict banded pull-ups or 6 hard ring rows

WOD (35-50 mins):
AMRAP 15 mins:
6 Pull-Ups
12 Push-Ups
18 DB Snatches (22.5/15kg)

Scaling Options:
Pull-up: band pull-up, jumping pull-up, ring row, 3 reps per round
Push-up: knee push-up, 6 reps per round
DB Snatch: reduce weight, 12 reps per round

Today’s workout is a 15 min AMRAP
You should be trying to work the entire time, minimising your rest
If you think this rep scheme will make you rest excessively, you can do the AMRAP as 3 Pull-up, 6 Push-up, 12 DB snatch
Scale to maintain intensity
You should be aiming for 6-7 rounds minimum

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