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Fri 22/12/17 : Canberra Gym FREE workout

By Scotty 0

Come and join CrossFit SFS for our FREE 12 days of Christmas workout to either our 6am or 9.30am class Friday 22/12/17

We have all started the same at some stage, scared to walk in to even start CrossFit, and never want to leave once we do.

Rest of December is on us. FREE
If you’ve never tried CrossFit and you keep stalking our feed on Facebook (and YES I can see you all everyday)

Come try us for free and see how easy it is to become the better version of you

12 Days of Christmas Workout

1 x Jerk 80/60kg (60/40kg) {40-10kg}
2 x Clean 80/60kg (60/40kg) {40-10kg}
3 x HSPU (pike push ups on box/floor)
4 x push ups (knees)
5 x ring dips (eccentric) {box}
6 x KBS 32/24 (24/16kg
7 x sit ups
8 x hollow rocks
9 x box jumps 24/20′
10 x Deadlifts 80/60kg (60/40kg) {40-10kg}
11 x DU *unbroken (50 singles)
12 x pull ups

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