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Fri 20/4/18 : Capital Fitness Challenge

By Scotty 0

Final Date will be released next week for the 2018 Capital Fitness Challenge! STAY TUNED

Warm up
2 rounds
1 min bike/row/run
5 tempo front squats 10/5kg
Kano hip complex

Strength : 10 mins
5 x 3 pause back squats @ tempo 3,3,3,3 (3 sec down, 3 at the bottom, 3 sec up, 3 sec at the top) – one less rep than last week but 1 more set

Lifting – 8 mins
Behind the Neck (BN)
BN. Strict Press + BN. Push Press
4x(1+3) @ 8RPE (2 – 5 kg heavier than last week)
Notes: the way the set will look is BN Strict Press then 3 BN Push Press. Thats one set.

Gymnastics Cond
EMOM 16min
1. 30sec HS Hold
2. 15/12 cals assult
3. 4-6 Strict ring pull ups / ring rows 3:1:3:3
4. 30 sec top of ring holds

Strength — We are going to start a cycle of various strength once a week for the next 6 weeks.
We are looking to reinforce our foundational movements (this pattern will repeat in weeks following).
For today, looking for athletes to build on last weeks set of 3. Goal should be to have them focus on the points of performance as they build in weight. Always reinforcing good habits! It shouldn’t more than 10 minutes to do this.

Workout — Today’s workout is a gymnastics piece, main focus is good positions for all movements and being able to maintain time under tension

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