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Fri 10/2/17 – Safety, Technique, Skill @ Canberra Gym

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No matter what gym, health club, functional fitness facility, Boot Camp you go to in Canberra, be sure to take a step back and have a look at how much time they spend on skill, safety, technique for your training!!

These three things are some of the most important yet least practiced for many fitness facilities!

Here at CrossFit SFS Hume, Canberra, we have 4 designated classes to work just on the skills & technique of moving your body and some weight more efficiently!

If it is time for you to make a change and try a different type of fitness, then come and see us at CrossFit SFS and let us take the worry out of training and teach you that CrossFit is actually for everyone and is safe when taught correctly. Click here to come for a trial : FREE Trial 

SFS WOD for the day:

Strength 8 mins
build to heavy
10 Thrusters @ 65%

5 rounds for time of:
5 Double Kettlebell Clean & Jerks, 24/16kg
20 steps Double Kettlebell Front Rack Lunge, 24/16kg
50 Double Unders
Target : 15 min
cap : 18 min

Home WOD

15 min Run as far as you can

*goal is to find a starting point and then run as far as you can in 15 mins. If you have to walk that is fine, just looking a total distance, then in six weeks time I want you to go back and retest that exact same run!

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