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Fri 1/3 : FREE Fitness Friday at Canberra Gym!

By Scotty 0

Don’t forget it is FREE Friday gang, so bring a friend for FREE to any Strive 45 or CrossFit Class.

Also time to rip into 19.2 gang and embrace the pain again!


CrossFit SFS workout of the day

If doing the Open then rest/mobility day, if you are not doing the open then:

Warm Up (5-15 mins):
2 rounds:
30 sec Assault Bike
30 sec single skips or double Under practice
30 sec Rowing
30 sec to complete: 3 rounds of inchworm push-up + 2 Step Ups

*Do your first round at easy pace and second round at moderately hard pace

WOD (15-45 mins):
5 rounds:
1 min Assault Bike (cals)
1 min Double Unders
1 min Row (cals)
1 min Burpee Step-ups
1 min Rest

Scaling Options:
Assault Bike: can sub for Row/Run/Sled Push/Ski
Double Unders: single skips
Row: can sub for Bike/Run/Sled Push/Ski
Burpee Step Up: kickback burpee, step down & step up Burpee, reduce box height (you can also up scale this movement to either a burpee box jump or a weighted burpee step up with dumbbells for anyone who wants to make this movement harder)

author: Scotty


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