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FREE CrossFit

By Scotty 0

Yes we know you have had a look!

Yes we know you think you just get smashed every time you train!!

Well I am here to tell you that it is just NOT TRUE!!

Do you want to learn what actually happens inside the so called  “Cult”walls of a CrossFit Box?

Then we have an offer for you:

FREE CrossFit, right here in Canberra!!!

If you want to learn the Mechanics of CrossFit, then here at CrossFit SFS, Hume ACT, we are offering CrossFit for FREE every Thursday night at 7pm..

If you would like to come along then please contact us here : FREE CrossFit

We look forward to meeting you soon and have join the training revolution that is CrossFit here in Canberra,

Scottie Williams
CrossFit SFS
Owner & Head Coach


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