2020 Capital Fitness Challenge
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2020 Capital Fitness Challenge

  • 03.11.2018
  • 07:00 am - 03:00 pm
  • $99 - 228

Well we are locked in 22/23rd Feb 2020

Register here : Capital Fitness Challenge

Looking forward to having everyone return, and some newbies to come and get amongst what will be a great two day event!

A little bit of a different structure this year, with NO divisions on day 1. After your performance on day 1 you will be placed into divisions for day 2 (see below for basic standards). Obviously when we head into day 2 expect the workouts to get harder!

We still have the following registration options:

  1. Individual –
  2. Same sex pairs – only 1 person to register team on the Chasing Better Site
  3. Mixed Pairs –  only 1 person to register team on the Chasing Better Site
  4. Parent/Sibling (Sat only) –
  5. THERE ARE STRICTLY NO REFUNDS (no exceptions)

Rego NOW OPEN : Capital Fitness Challenge


Date: 22nd & 23rd Feb

Well we are live and ready to rock and roll for 2020.

2020 Divisions

Individual – Advanced
Adv Movement Standards (need to be able to do everything, but here are a few things for you)
80/45+ kg Snatch
90/55+ kg Clean & Jerk (anyway)
Ring & Bar MU
100/75kg Back Squat
90/55kg Front Squat
80/55kg Push Press
60/40kg Thruster
10+ chest to bar

Intermediate (minimum standards)
50/35kg Snatch
70/45kg Clean & Jerk
80/55kg Back Squat
70/45kg Front Squat
60/45kg Push Press
45/30kg Thruster
Double Unders
Pull ups

Beginners (minimum standards)
no minimum everything can be scaled to suit, but you will be scored higher the closer to RX you go!


Parent/Sibling – pairs event (1 day only Sat)
– fun, kids can scale as needed

Mixed Pairs & Same Sex Pairs- 2 days
– everything can be scaled for teams as needed.

** NO REFUNDS, please do not ask as I don’t want to offend you**

Thanks to our sponsors : Weights and Mates Apparel, True Protein, RX Smart Gear Aus, Gorilla Health, Peak Health Chiro, E Glaze just to name a few….

If you are interested in sponsoring then please get in touch with me!

Thanks to all the returning sponsors and new ones that have come on board so far:

Needham’s CPA
Weights and Mates Apparel
E Glaze
Chasing Better
LN Media
Gorilla Health
RX Smart Gear




CrossFit SFS

43 SHeppard Street Hume ACT, Australia


Scottie Williams

43 SHeppard St, Hume, ACT 2620


  • Limits:
    300 participants