2018 Capital Fitness Challenge
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2018 Capital Fitness Challenge

  • 11.11.2017
  • 10:00 am - 03:00 pm
  • $98 - 198

More Information to be released soon, but we will be back in Oct/Nov ready to do it all again

P.S. also save the this date : 25/26th August (I will be releasing more info about this date REAL SOON….)

Well time to schedule into your diary the 2017 Capital Fitness Challenge, with a few NEW divisions for 2017.

Date: TBA

Well we are live and ready to rock and roll for 2017.

Rego’s here :

2018 Divisions

Elite Division (invite only ) – 2 days & must be able to do everything (including swim & ride a bike)

Parent/Sibling – pairs event (1 day only Sat)
– fun, kids can scale as needed

Mixed Pairs & Same Sex Pairs- 2 days
– everything can be scaled for teams as needed

Individual – Advanced | Intermediate | Beginners
Adv Movement Standards (need to be able to do everything, but here are a few things for you)
70/45+ kg Snatch
80/55+ kg Clean & Jerk (anyway)
Ring & Bar MU
100/75kg Back Squat
90/55kg Front Squat
80/55kg Push Press
60/40kg Thruster
10+ chest to bar

Intermediate (minimum standards)
50/35kg Snatch
70/45kg Clean & Jerk
80/55kg Back Squat
70/45kg Front Squat
60/45kg Push Press
45/30kg Thruster
Double Unders
Pull ups

Beginners (minimum standards)
no minimum everything can be scaled to suit

Thanks to our sponsors : RAW Fitness Equipment, Weights and Mates Apparel, ASN Supplements, E Glaze just to name a few….

If you are interested in sponsoring then please get in touch with me!

Thanks to all the returning sponsors and new ones that have come on board so far:

RAW Fitness Equipment
Needham’s CPA
Weights and Mates Apparel
E Glaze
True Protein
Peak Chocolate
Peak Health Chiro



CrossFit SFS

43 SHeppard Street Hume ACT, Australia


Scottie Williams

43 SHeppard St, Hume, ACT 2620


  • Limits:
    300 participants