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Dress Up Day @ CrossFit SFS

By Scotty 0

Can’t wait to check out the outfits tomorrow guy’s!

Don’t forget to come dressed up as your favorite sporting star or in your teams colors.

Have a bit of fun with our awesome little community here @ Strive Fitness / CrossFit SFS.

How good is the photo of our resident ‘retired’ sporting star in Terry Campese, amazing what you can find!

Look at the hair he had back in the day

CrossFit SFS – CrossFit


2 min choice

2 rounds;
15 sec handstand hold or top of push-up hold
5 x single arm DB press or push press each side
5 x Deads on each side
10 x V-ups or sit-ups


Shoulder Press (5 x 5)

I want you to perform as a superset
5 x 5 – 15 TTB / Hang Knee Raise / V snap based on skill level


Teams of 3 (must be mixed teams & choose different partners to usual people you know)

AMRAP 15 minutes:
5 ring MU (anyone can do the reps but check scaling options below)
10 DB Snatches (22.5/15kg)
15 Box Jumps (24/20″)
max cals : rower

P1: work on the rower
P2: works on the reps
P3: rests
**must swap every minute**
* your score is how many cals you tick over as a team

Scaling Options:

Ring MU : jumping ring MU, transitions on rings or 3 strict pull ups + 3 strict dips for 1 MU (band as needed)
DB snatch: reduce weight, from hang
Box jump: reduce height, step ups

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