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CrossFit : Tues 20/8

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CrossFit SFS – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Warm Up (5-15 mins):

3 rounds, increasing the intensity gradually each round:

20 Strokes on Rower (First round easy, second round moderate, third round fast)

5 x Inchworms (last round including push-ups)

10 x Lunges (last round perform as a jumping lunge)

10 x Band Strict Press (step inside band and press overhead like a barbell)

Then 10 mins with coaches working on scaling options/ positions etc for the WOD;


1 round:

5 x DB Power Cleans

4 x DB Lunges

5 x DB Push Press

4 x DB Lunges


Metcon (4 Rounds for time)

WOD (15-50 mins):

4 rounds, each for time:

Row 500/450m

15 Dumbbell Power Cleans (22.5/15kg – 2DB’s for all m/ments)

15m Dumbbell Lunge (22.5/15kg)

15 Dumbbell Push Press (22.5/15kg)

15m Dumbbell Lunge (22.5/15kg)

Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Time cap: 35 minutes

Scaling Options:

Row: reduce distance to 400m (2 min cap), Assault Bike 25/18 cals

DB Power Clean: reduce weight, from hang position

DB Lunges: reduce weight, no weight

DB Push Press: reduce weight
One piece only today

We are doing some intervals and building fitness for the Open

Two things we usually see during the Open are rowing and dumbbells, and this workout has both of them!

4 rounds in total, with a 2 min rest between each round

Start on the rower, your pace today should be fast but not so fast that you need a break immediately afterwards

There is a 2 min cap on the rower each round, reduce the distance if needed

For the power cleans, only the front head of the dumbbells needs to touch the ground

Use your legs to bend towards the floor, if you keep your legs straight and just hinge over at the hips, you are likely to wind your back up during this movement

Lunges will be done with the DB’s racked on your shoulders

If for any reason you cannot do a lunge across the floor, do 15 steps on the spot (you can even this out by starting on opposite legs for each set of lunges within the round)

Try to break the dumbbell work up into manageable sized chunks that only require a short rest

Keep in mind you have 2 mins of recovery between each round so you should be trying to move fast

There is a 35 min time cap on the entire workout, this gives you approximately 7 minutes to complete each round when you factor in rest periods

Choose a dumbbell weight where you can get through most movements with no more than 1-2 short breaks

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