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Thurs 22/8 : Capital Fitness Challange Canberra

By Scotty 0

Here at Capital Fitness Challenge we have made the decision to move our event to the tentative date of 22nd/23rd Feb 2020

With so many online events and the change to the CrossFit Opens we have decided to move our event till early next year.

Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks

CrossFit SFS – workout of the day

Warm Up (5-20 mins):
Easy 200m JogWith an empty barbell:
10 x Hang Muscle Cleans
10 x Kipping Swings
10 x Front Squats
10 x Kipping Swings
10 x Hang Power Cleans + Front Squats
10 x Kipping Swings
10 x Hang Squat Cleans


2 rounds:
200m Run @ workout pace
3-5 Pull-ups or scaling equivalent

Metcon 1

Nicole (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20-Minute AMRAP of:
400m Run
Max Rep Pull-ups

Metcon 2 (Weight)

20.00 – 30.00

Find 3rm Hang Squat clean

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