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CrossFit SFS – Tues

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CrossFit SFS – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)


2 rounds:

9 x Pause Air Squats

7 x Inchworm (no push-up)

5 x Push-ups

3 x Burpees

Then, with an empty barbell:

5 x Clean Grip Deadlifts

5 x Clean Pull

5 x Clean High Pull

5 x Muscle Clean

5 x Front Squat

5 x Push Press

5 x Back Squat

5 x Behind Neck Push Press

5 x Power Clean

5 x Push Jerk

rest as needed between exercises

SFS Online as above but can use DB or KB


Metcon (Weight)

15 – 30 mins


1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Jerk


SFS Online

EMOM x 10:

Odd: 10 x Single Leg Deadlifts (5 per leg, use DB’s if possible)

Even: 5 x Tempo DB Squats (5 sec down/5 sec pause/ stand up)
Working on some Olympic lifting in both the strength work and conditioning today

Starting with a 10 min EMOM of a C&J complex

This is more about establishing good technique then going super heavy

In particular, if you are just returning to regular strength training, keep the weights down and try to execute each rep perfectly

Hang onto the barbell for the entire complex each minute

The jerk can be either a push jerk or split jerk, your choice


Metcon (Time)

(30-50 mins):

For time:

60 Clean & Jerks (60/40kg) or DB Clean & Jerks (22.5/15kg)

EMOM including 0:00 perform 5 Burpees (8 for SFS Online with DB)

Scaling Options:

Clean & Jerks: reduce weight, use a single DB, use a KB or backpack (ground to overhead)

Burpees: step down/ step up burpee, kickback burpee, burpee to target
Our workout today is a mix of “Double Grace” and “Kalsu” (100 thrusters with 5 burpees on the minute)

The workout starts with 5 Burpees, then do as many C&J as possible in the remaining time in the minute

Repeat this every minute until you reach 60 C&J

Choose a barbell weight that doesn;t require much rest

If doing the DB option and two DB’s is too heavy for you or you only have one DB, you can do this with a single DB and alternate arms at the floor every rep

Burpees do not need to be sprinted but be mindful of how long they take as you want to maximise your time on the barbell each minute. Commit to just getting them done!

Metcon (No Measure)

10 min on mobility

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