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CrossFit SFS: Allstar online

By Scotty 0

Thank you to all those that have jumped on board to support us here at CrossFit SFS with the Allstar Alliance online event, it really means alot to us.

There is still time to jump into the event which requires minimal equipment & you can find out more here:

CrossFit SFS – Workout of the day

Warm Up
60sec cardio of choice -skip/ split step/ run/ row/ burpees
10 lunge + twist
10 hollow rock
10 push ups
10 Press – anything overhead


Snatch (3 x 5 – touch n go)

I want you to build up to a weight and stick to it and then do 3 x 5 Squat Snatch (touch n go) aim for 60% of 1rm

Deadlift (5 x 10 )

Goal this week is to get to 70% 1rm then do 5 x 10, but if minimal weights then just Deadlift something heavy & make the reps a tempo effort of 3:2:2:1 (3 sec up, 2 sec pause at top, 2 sec down, no rest at bottom

Bar/KB/DB/Sandbag/Band Deads

Metcon – ‘Choose your advneture’

AMRAP 20 Minutes
100 Alternating Single Arm Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerk 50/35
100 Push Up
100 Sit Up
100 Air Squat
*reps can be broken up in any way, once you have completed 400 reps then you will start on round 2

Target Rounds & Reps:1+200



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