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CrossFit SFS: Happy Mother’s Day

By Scotty 0

A huge shout out to all the amazing Mothers out there, that do an amazing job everyday.

Thank you to all the amazing women that have come and continue to come thru the door of CrossFit SFS/Strive 45

We all love you xox

CrossFit SFS – Workout of the Day


3 rounds:
5 x Inchworm Push-ups
10 x Mountain Climbers
15 x Hollow Rocks


3 rounds:
15-20 sec hard effort on machine or 100m run/sprint (building intensity each round)
3 Burpees
Rest 60 sec


Odd : 5 tng Hang Squat cleans @ heavy but unbroken
Even: 30 Pike Position shoulder taps
I want you to warm up to a weight that is challenging but doable aim for 70 – 75% 1rm Clean


30 – 50mins
EMOM x 20:
Odd minutes: 12/9 cal Row/Assault Bike + max Burpees
Even minutes: Rest

Score = total burpees

SFS Online 1
EMOM x 20:
Odd minutes: 100m Sprint + max Burpees
Even minutes: Rest

SFS Online 2
EMOM x 20:
Odd minutes: .30 sec skip or split step + max Burpees

Even minutes: Rest
Kicking off the week with some pure sprint intervals.

Today’s workout is very simple, but it will not be easy. What this workout requires above all else is commitment.

You need to commit to sprinting hard on the bike/row/run and then commit to keeping moving on the burpees.

There is only ever 1 min of work at a time followed by recovery and you are not going to fail any reps.

Remember this when it starts to get uncomfortable. Lean into the discomfort and get better!

Metcon (No Measure)

Core Finisher

50 reps hollow to superman
*pause 3 sec in each position
**rest as needed to maintain positions

author: Scotty


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