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Time for Change Canberra

By Scotty 0

Here at Strive Fitness, we want you in the gym! We want you getting results. We are here to make you better!

We are NOT like the chain gyms where they bank on you NOT coming.

We have only just over 120 members, we know every single person in the gym, and we have close to all of them in the gym training most days of the week!

Hit us up for a FREE week trial and check out one of our 35+ classes a week, and you can choose between

  • CrossFit
  • Strive 45 HIIT
  • Weightlifting
  • Boot Camp

7 day FREE trial

CrossFit SFS – CrossFit



(5-15 mins):
2 rounds:
60 sec Assault Bike (20 sec easy/20 sec moderate/20 sec hard)
30 sec Squat Hold
30 sec Plank Hold


1 round:
10 x Single Leg Deadlifts (5 per leg, no weight)
10 x Pause Air Squats
10 x Glute Bridges


Warm up to opening weight of 5 x 5 Back Squat


Back Squat (5 x 5)


Superset with one of the following based on skill or what you want to work on

1. 5 – 10m HS walking
2. 2 rope climbs
3. .30 sec HS Hold from wall walk
4. .30 HS hold on wall (kick up)
5. .30 sec pike hold

Metcon: (35-55 mins):
For time:
30/24 cal Assault Bike
30 Shoulder to Overhead (60/45kg)
EMOM & starting with 3 strict pull ups

Time cap: 15 minutes

**focus on doing something that you don’t normally do on the Strict pull ups, it is about getting stronger, it is only 3 reps so make it hard for YOU!!!

author: Scotty


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