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Super Sat 24/8 in Canberra Gym

By Scotty 0

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CrossFit SFS workout of the day

Warm Up (5-20 mins):

3 rounds:
1 minute of Easy Assault Bike
1 x round of Cindy @ easy pace
10 x Empty Barbell Strict Press/ Push Press/ Push Jerk (change each round)
*Start one partner on the bike, one on Cindy and one on the Barbell and rotate through at a smooth easy pace

Then, set up for the workout

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Team WOD (20-50 mins):
AMRAP 40 minutes (in teams of 3):
12/8 cal Assault Bike/ rower/ ski
10 Wall Balls 9/6kg
8 Shoulder Press 60/40kg (MUST take bar from ground)
6 Front Squat 60/40kg (MUST take bar from ground)
Every 2 mins everyone stops and does 5 burpessScaling Options:

Wall Ball: reduce weight or target height
Shoulder to Overhead: reduce weight, use dumbbells
Team of 3 workout to end the week


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