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Crossfit – Sat 14th

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CrossFit SFS – CrossFit


(5-20 mins)

Easy 400m Jog

2 rounds:

7 x Inchworm Push-ups

7 x Ring Rows

7 x Broad Jumps

Partner up and work through 3 rounds of:

1-2 Rope Climbs (or scaling equivalent)

3 x kick up to handstand and hold/walk or 1-2 x wall climbs

*In the kick up to handstand, one partner will act as a barrier by holding both arms out straight to help their partner balance or work against

*Partners can choose to hold the handstand for some volume and practice overhead, or choose to practice taking some walking steps with their partner providing some extra balance for them

*You should be able to demonstrate a strong and comfortable handstand hold before you attempt any handstand walking

Today’s workout is an individual workout and an opportunity to practice some higher skill gymnastics

Handstand walking has appeared in the Open a few times so here is an opportunity to get some practice in on it

Handstand Walking is a lot like learning to ride a bike, the best thing you can do is just do more of it. It is a neurological skill as well as a physical one. You probably need to go through a few bumps and crashes to get better at them. If you have never done them or want to learn, find a soft area like a grassy field and just play!

For today, scale it appropriately to be challenged but still get a good workout in

The same goes for the rope climbs

Challenge yourself but try to keep moving today

Metcon (Time)

In Pairs

For time:

Run 1600m

9 Rope Climbs (15ft)

30m Handstand Walk

Row 1.2km

30 CTB


Ski 1km

20 wall walks

200m OH KB Carry 16/12kg

* must do = cardio, anyone can do the work
Scaling Options:

Run: Row or Assault Bike

Rope Climb: reduce reps each round (eg. 6/4/2 or 3/2/1), ½ rep rope climbs, rope pull to standing (from floor)

CTB : banded strict pull-ups, jumping CTB

Handstand Walk: reduce distance (eg. 15/10/5m)

Wall Walks – reduce reps, reduce height

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