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CrossFit : Mon 19/8

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CrossFit SFS – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Warm Up (5-15 mins):

2 rounds:

40 sec squat hold

20 sec plank hold

20 sec hollow hold


3 rounds:

10 x Tempo Goblet Squats with KB or DB (3 sec down, 2 sec pause, 1 sec up)

10 x Kipping Swings

10 x Cossack Squats holding KB or DB (5 per side)

10 x Single Arm DB Press (5 per arm)


Back Squat (4 x 8)

Today is the start of our next strength cycle, we will be lifting 3 days per week on this cycle

Today, we are back squatting for 4 x 8

You can hold a heavy weight across your sets or you can increase each set if you wish but make each of your 4 sets challenging and high quality, this will be based on your goals, skill level at this satge

0 – 3 months – 4 x 8 at a steady load

3 – 6 months – probably as above, maybe a small increase

6 month + – challenging yourself

Metcon (Time)

WOD (35-50 mins):


Thruster (42.5/30kg)


Bar Facing Burpee

Time cap: 15 minutes

Scaling Options:

Thruster: reduce weight, use dumbbells

T2B: hanging knee raises, V-ups, sit-ups

Bar Facing Burpee: Regular Burpee (no jump over bar), Kickback burpee, step down/ step up burpee, burpee to a target
Today’s workout is an Open style workout, try to move quickly and transition smoothly between your movements

The bulk of the reps are up front, once you are through the 10/9/8/7 rounds, the rest of the workout moves through pretty quickly

Be smooth and steady in your early rounds and then simply try to stay on pace as the reps begin to decrease

Scale thruster weight so that you can hang on for mostly unbroken sets throughout the workout

Scale T2B if needed to hanging knee raises, V-ups or sit-ups

This is a bar facing burpee but depending on space it can be done as a lateral burpee over bar if needed

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