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CrossFit : Mon 11/11 : Fitness Testing starting

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CrossFit SFS – Workout of the Day

Congratulations on completing the CrossFit Open!

This week we are going to have a bit of a different week, this is going to give us the opportunity to test some of the lifting we have been working hard on but also allow us to mix things up a bit from our usual format

We are going to lift one day, and workout the next, and this will be the order we follow all week

We will get back into our usual programming next week

Today we are kicking off by finding our Olympic Lifting “Total”

This means we are doing a 1rm in both the snatch & the C&J

We will warm up for snatch first, build to a heavy single and then warm up again for C&J

You will have 20 mins for each lift

Spend the first 10 mins on lighter weights and focusing on technique and then the second 10 mins building up to something heavy

If things are feeling great, go for a PB today. If not, build to a heavy single and prioritise a good training day over going for a PB!

Remember to enjoy yourself today! Not everyday is going to be a PB day but everyday in the gym should be fun!

Warm Up (5-15 mins):

Before Snatch (with an empty barbell):
10 x Good Mornings
5 x Snatch Grip Deadlift
5 x Hang Snatch Pull
5 x Hang Snatch High Pull
5 x Hang Muscle Snatch
5 x Hang Power Snatch
5 x Pause Overhead Squats
5 x Power Snatch
5 x Overhead Squats
5 x Snatch

Snatch (1rm)

Int/Adv : to attempt tests this week

EVERYONE else talk to coach and they will give you options for developing the technique & skill for that movment


Before Clean & Jerk (with an empty barbell):
5 x Clean Pull
5 x Clean High Pull
5 x Muscle Clean
5 x Power Clean with slow pull to knee
5 x Front Squats
5 x Push Press
5 x Push Jerk
5 x Split Jerk
5 x Squat Clean & Split Jerk

Clean and Jerk (1rm)

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