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CrossFit : 28/11 : Training is a Journey

By Scotty 0

There are no QUICK FIXES in the health and fitness industry!

There are a thousand different things going up everyday that promises you instant results!!

Just so you know it is all Bulls..t

Nothing beats actually turning up, day in and day out and doing the work!

Practice, practice, practice – both with training and food!

If you want to feel better, look better, have more energy then it takes some work!

Enjoy the journey

CrossFit SFS – Workout of the Day

Warm-up : (5-25 mins):

2 rounds:
Hollow Hold 30 sec
Superman Hold 30 sec
Side Plank Hold 30 sec (left)
Side Plank Hold 30 sec (right)
Handstand Hold 30 sec or Top of Push-up Hold 30 sec

With an barbell increasing weight:
Upright Barbell Row
Strict Press

into building weight
Push Press (5 x 5)
Metcon: (35-55 mins):
5 rounds, each for time:
15/12 cal Assault Bike
15 Toes-to-Bar
15 Shoulder to Overhead (50/35kg)

Start a new round every 4 minutes

Scaling Options:

Assault Bike: reduce cals

T2B: reduce reps eg. 12 or 9 reps, hanging knee raises, V-ups, sit-ups

Shoulder to Overhead: reduce/increase weight, use dumbbells
Today’s workout is interval based

We will be wave starting every minute on the Assault Bike

Start a new round every 4 minutes

As a guide, you should be able to work through each part of the workout in one minute or less

This means you should get at least 1 minute of rest between rounds

Scale the cals/reps/weight/movements as needed to allow for this

Each round should be a sprint

Go as fast as you can to get the work done

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