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Canberra Fitness Centre that Cares

By Scotty 0

Want to be a part of a Fitness Centre in Canberra that cares?

Over the last six weeks we have had a huge influx of members (AWESOME), so I am capping it soon!

We only have 20 MEMBERSHIPS LEFT to join our amazing fitness family here at CrossFit SFS then I will be capping it.

From there it will be one out, one in.

More than just a globo gym, we will work with you from the ground up and teach you the foundations of Health and Welness and we will support you on your fitness journey (to which we know is different for everyone)!

You will NEVER but just a number here at CrossFit SFS

For those who are new to training we have our foundations going for FREE until we hit the next 20 members!!

Book your SESSION NOW and join the fastest training method in the WORLD.

Scotty & Lisa

CrossFit SFS
Canberra, Hume ACT

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