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Are you ALL in??

By Scotty 0

Are You ALL in?

Written By Scott Williams

Many people just go through the motions day by day!

Most of you do the same thing at the same time with no thought of it, you switch to auto pilot.

Now many people are the same with training, they train because they ‘think they should’ train. Many people exercise rather than train.

Most have no real goals and no real direction to what they really want!

Well right here, right now I want you to grab a pen and paper write down what you want!

How do you want to look, do you want to compete and aim for a competition, do you want to fit into a certain outfit, NOW is the time to get a bit specific and write down what you want..

I had a few awesome conversations at the box this morning and made me think about a few things.

Yes I know some of you think I am mad some days with what we do (and yes maybe I am).

Trust me though when I say there is a reason we do the things we do each day here at CrossFit SFS.

Whilst drinking my morning coffee at my café this morning, I asked myself why some of my clients were able to reach their goals so fast when they followed the structures I put in place for them, and the answer came to me. In order to reach your goal, you have to have 100 percent confidence in what is asked of you each day by me, whether nutrition or the program you do each day, and you have to be highly motivated by both. If you are motivated, you will train hard and get better results.

I work continuously to be that little bit different. What Lisa and I are really trying to focus on is building an amazing community that put emphasis on their “WHY”.

The “WHY” being your reason behind training, and what motivates you in the face of adversity when nothing seems to be going your way. Training & life has its ups & downs and it is what we do at that moment that can change our course forever, we all have a choice!

I get msgs (most days) about not coming to training because they have had a shit day, or I am tired, someone has pissed me off, or this or that. But trust me when I say when you get your foot in the door your mood will change in an instant here at CrossFit SFS.

So take some time and answer this:

What is your WHY??

With your training, are you one to just knuckle down and keep on training, or do you take the time to take a step back and analyse what is going on? You see it is not always about how much weight you can lift or how fast you move, sometimes we need to fix some bad habits (movement patterns) that we have created. Not to mention what you put in your mouth, but that is another blog..

What I need is for those that haven’t yet, is to buy into the program (if you have any questions then please come and talk to me!!).

CrossFit is so much more than just coming in and getting smashed everyday (what I hear from people that have never stepped foot in a CrossFit Box before).

We are starting to see an influx of globo gym members looking for that something different, enter the world of CrossFit and some have jumped into CrossFit with us @ SFS and have some issues to address (existing injuries and mobility). What I love is that they have no ego, have not questioned me one bit when I have said go and squat against a wall (NO weight, when they could squat over 100kg) and I give them some tasks to do that will fix these issues over time, they have just bought into the program and have 100% confidence in what I ask them to do, and are doing what is required.

They are coming early (or staying back) to do their mobility, or stretch, or work through movement patterns with no weight and within several weeks some are already starting to make massive changes within themselves.

Then again on Saturday I set a pretty unreasonable task for training, and didn’t expect anyone else (except myself) to take part! The next thing I knew all 7 of them were doing what was prescribed, no questions asked, they just got in and got it done, these guys have bought into the program and I really do appreciate that, and it is these decisions that make all the difference to your life.

At the end of the day, myself, Lisa and all the SFS staff are here to help you get results not just as an athlete, but as a person and to be just better at life. There is a reason why all of us at SFS strive to provide the highest quality experience to our members – it trickles down from the top, and Lisa and I do our best to lead by example at every chance possible.

We all buy into the program and the way of life here and, as a result, we see results.

I AM ALL IN…. are you?

Next time you are frustrated with your results whether at life or fitness @ CrossFit SFS or at your own box/gym, ask yourself, are you buying in to your coaches and the exercise prescription/ the programming/ the culture/ the way of life?

Do you have confidence that they can help you to reach your goals in a timely manner? If you believe you will get results, you will be motivated to train harder. When you train harder, you have a higher level of intensity and you get results. This becomes an amazing cycle.

When you get more results, you become more confident in the program. This, in turn, gets you even more motivated. And the pattern continues. The key is, you must buy in!

So if you feel you are not quite there yet, then please arrange a time to come and see myself (or Lisa she is a fantastic Life & Business Coach), and we can work out a path/program together that you 100% believe in and will get you well on your way to a better version of you!

After all, who doesn’t want to have more energy and enjoy life more??

Scottie Williams


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