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27/8/18 : Allstar Alliance Canberra Event

By Scotty 0

HUGE shoutout to everyone that came to CrossFit SFS and competed over the weekend.

I love being part of the Canberra Community we have and it should over the weekend with everybody cheering each other on and supporting each other.

We had all bar 2 affiliates here competing over the weekend and that shows how good the Canberra community is.

Whatever CrossFit HQ decide to do, at the end of the day we are all here to be ‘Fit for Life’, train, help each other out, do a few comps together and most of all HAVE FUN, and we did that over the weekend.

Thank you for all your help changing weights and picking up, I really do appreciate it,

Love you guy’s, Scotty

SFS Workout of the Day
Warm up

2 rounds
50 skips
20 mountain climbers
5 ea step ups
10 ea DB press

Lifting : Strict Press
3rm strict press
1rm strict press

For time:
100 Double Unders
20 Dual DB Burpee Box Step Overs 22.5/15kg 20inch
100 Double Unders
20 Single Arm DB Thrusters (10R,10L)
100 Double Unders
40 Alternating DB Snatch (20R, 20L)
100 Double Unders

Accessory Strength (if time)
3 x max strict pull ups / ring rows
3 x 8 ea arm bent over DB row @ heavy

If you did Allstar’s over the weekend and have pulled up a bit sore but want to just get the body moving:

Do the warm & lifting (obviously will not hit PR’s) from above + the accessory, then just finish up with

10-15 steady state cardio + mobility


author: Scotty


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