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22/10/16 : Super Saturday at CrossFit SFS Gym Tuggeranong

By Scotty 0

As always on a Sat we like to have a bit of fun and do a group or pairs WOD here at CrossFit SFS, Tuggeranong, and today is no different:

A) In pairs 20min AMRAP
*all reps are synchronised
100 air squats
75 sit ups
50 push ups
25 pull ups (band or otherwise)

B) In teams of 4
10 min AMRAP
Max meters on rower
1. person runs 200m
2. person holds a plank
3. person rest
4. 1 person is rowing for meters
*each time a person breaks a plank 100m is taken off the row at the end

author: Scotty


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