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16.1 Recap @ CrossFit SFS Canberra

By Scotty 0

Well what an amazing week 1 in the bank..

Didn’t we have some awesome results for our little box here in Hume, Canberra.

To say I am super proud is an understatement, super effort by you all… (and to all those crazies that did it twice my hat goes off to you)

What I love about the CrossFit Opens is that it pushes people that little bit harder, to do things they didn’t think was possible for them.

From this is where we need to draw our passion & drive and realise the only limits we have, we put on oursleves.

I have at least 5 people do their 1st ever chest to bar, many doing and overhead lunge they never thought possible, and I love what this sport can do.

Thanks to WOD shots for the awesome photos: click here

Yes it can be hard, yes it takes work, but that is what I love about CrossFit.

Awesome effort from everyone at CrossFit SFS Canberra and I CAN’T wait for 16.2

I will be at the box Friday from about 6.15pm to play around with 16.2. You are more than welcome to join me..

Then doors open 8am Sat, first heat @ 9am and I will fire up the BBQ after, if you could all bring a gold coin donation that would be much appreciated!!!

Coach Scotty

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